Same manufacturing capacities, diversified product offering.

If you are looking to diversify your product offerings outside of the death care industry while utilizing the same manufacturing capacities, the Rosetta wetcast hardscape manufacturing system has got your back! 

Rely on Rosetta to make something new.

Rosetta Hardscapes is a full line of landscaping products, including retaining walls, steps, pavers, and accessories, all made to meet the needs of both consumers and contractors. As the market for natural-looking hardscapes continues to grow, so will your business! 

Enhance your business by offering the better solution.

It's no secret, skilled labor is hard to find right now. Lack of access to skilled labor is the leading concern for landscapers too. And while there are less and less skilled, professional hardscape installers, demand for beautiful patios, gardenscapes and retaining walls grows every year.

So how do homeowners get the natural stone landscapes that they want when they don't have the budget to pay for the product or skilled labor? By buying from your line of Rosetta Hardscapes products.

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Explore the Rosetta business opportunity, equipment options, return on investment, and support that comes with the Rosetta Brand. 

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Maximize Your Existing Resources

Rosetta Production

Use Existing Labor

As a business owner, your employees rely on you to make a living, and you rely on them to turn a profit. By bringing a new precast product into the fold, you can minimize their downtime by swinging labor where it’s needed. Rosetta's production process allows you to hone in on your production schedule and keep your staff busy.

Utilize your existing infrastructure

Utilize Your Existing Infrastructure

With a plant, batching equipment, and most likely delivery trucks, you’ve already got much of the equipment needed to produce Rosetta products. By creating another revenue generator from your existing infrastructure, you can spread your overhead across various segments of your business. Doesn’t it sound nice to boost your bottom line with your existing infrastructure?

Sell a new Product to Your Market

Rely on Rosetta Support Team

Rely on Rosetta's Support Team

By partnering with Rosetta to make wetcast hardscapes you’re choosing a built-in support team. Not only will you be assigned a business consultant to help you break into this new industry, you’ll also have support from engineering staff and marketing team to help you grow your business.

Learn from manufacturer group

Learn from the Manufacturer Network

You don't have to go at it along; Rosetta has an existing network of manufacturers who took the step you're looking to take. Several of them have even come from the burial vault industry. You can learn from their experience here or reach out to us and we'll provide references!

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  • Equipment Upgrade Options
  • Return on Investment Calculator
  • Suggested Next Steps

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