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Rosetta Hardscapes is a full line of landscaping products, including retaining walls, steps, pavers, and accessories, all made to meet the needs of both consumers and contractors. When you become a Rosetta producer, you'll be tapping into this advantage. As the market for natural-looking hardscapes continues to grow, so will your business! 

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How does Rosetta stack up?

dry cast vs. wet cast concrete products

Traditional Landscaping Solutions

Traditional solutions to homeowners landscaping needs are becoming a commodity. As standard prices for dry-cast retaining wall blocks and pavers decrease steadily over time, producers will have to sell more and more materials or aggressively cut cost to sustain profit growth. 

Rosetta vs. natural stone

Natural Stone

Natural stone products are beautiful, but so difficult for contractors to estimate, cut, and install that they often cost over twice as much as precast products. And installation is tricky, which means increased risk of product failures like tumbling walls or cracked pavers.

high margin wetcast concrete product - Rosetta Hardscapes

Rosetta Hardscapes

Until now, there has been no available product line that is both beautiful and cost-effective. When BOTH homeowners and contractors like what they see it means sales for you. And because Rosetta is a unique alternative to commoditized concrete products, you can make higher margins and better profits long term.

Simply better blocks and pavers

The benefit of Rosetta is simple. Every Rosetta product looks just like natural stone, but is made with consistent dimensions so that they install as easily as a typical concrete hardscape. That means that your customers projects will look better without any extra hassle or cost.

Rosetta Hardscapes Product - Retaining Wall - high margin wetcast concrete product

Retaining and Freestanding Walls

Whether you hope to supply contractors who install home and garden projects or engineers working on major developments, Rosetta walls offer a simple solution for all kinds of projects. Rosetta small, medium, and large block systems are all made with similar technologies so you can sell a range of wall solutions that all different types of customers will buy.

Rosetta Hardscapes Product - Landscaping Steps - high margin wetcast concrete product

Landscaping Steps

One of our own plant's biggest sellers, Rosetta landscaping steps are the most attractive in the industry. The step collection includes standard dimensional steps with a textured face or irregular steps for contractors who want to sell rustic, natural looking landscape designs.

Rosetta Hardscapes Product - Pavers - high margin wetcast concrete product

Patios, Driveways, and Walkways

Making pavers that mimic natural stone will set you in the lead in the hardscape manufacturing industry! The Rosetta manufacturing process results in richly textured pavers that are easy to install and so attractive that they’ll be your customers' next go to patio solution.

Rosetta Hardscapes Product - Firepit - high margin wetcast concrete product

Fire Pit and Fireplace Kits

You may have already noticed how popular outdoor fire features have become for landscaping projects. Fire pits and fireplaces are an easy up-sell for the contractors who buy from you to add to their product offerings. Rosetta fire pits are available in both round and square kits and are made up of uniquely attractive Rosetta blocks, to set you apart from all other manufacturers.

Rosetta Hardscapes Product - Caps - high margin wetcast concrete product

Coping, Caps, and Accessories

You'll appreciate having a complete hardscape solution to offer your contractors. Rosetta coping and column caps work with all other Rosetta landscaping products for coordinated projects, no matter the size or scope.

The Rosetta Product Catalog

Rosetta Hardscape - Product Catalog

The Rosetta Hardscapes product line is made up of five retaining wall collections, seven different types of pavers, three fire features, and coping and accessories. Each of them are uniquely and exceptionally photogenic. Download the catalog to learn more about each individual product.

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