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If you're going to invest in a whole new product line, you better be able to count on the people who developed it. When you read our values you'll find words like “diligence,” “learning,” and “understanding.” That’s because we consider it our responsibility to serve you. Call Jake, Chris, Roger, or Lucas to find out more about what working with Rosetta could mean for your business.

The team is also available to help with any questions you may have. Use the form at the bottom of the page to submit your question, and the team will follow up right away. 

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Jake Manthei

Jake Manthei [jayk mon-tie], President of Rosetta Hardscapes, graduated from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business with a degree in Marketing and serves on the National Precast and Concrete Association’s Retaining Wall Committee.

Jake is passionate about helping businesses—and people—meet their potential.

Email Jake or call him at 1-844-367-9763 ext. 3023.

Chris Hajduk

Chris Hajduk [kris hay-duck] began working with Rosetta in January of 2009 as a local sales rep. Now as Director of Sales for Rosetta Hardscapes, Chris specializes in setting up new producers for success.

Chris has a degree in marketing from University of Iowa and an MBA in management from DePaul University.

Email Chris or call him at 231-675-0729.

Frank Bowen

Frank Bowen [frahnk bow-ehn] is Rosetta's newest Business Development Rep. 

With nearly 13 years experience in the precast industry and a Masters of Business Administration with a focus in Concrete Industry Management, Frank is responsible for introducing the Rosetta business opportunity to the market and supporting existing Rosetta producers.

Email Frank or call him at 404-791-1303.


Roger Clark

Roger Clark [rah-jer klark] has been working for Rosetta since its founding in 2007. As Business Development Manager, Roger's work revolves around serving and supporting a diverse group of Rosetta producers.

He offers assistance in developing a wide range of functions, from quality methods to dealer and contractor trainings and more.

Email Roger or call him at 231-629-1252.

Lucas Eshuis

Lucas Eshuis [loo-kis es-hys] is Rosetta's newest addition to the sales team. As a Market Intelligence Specialist, Lucas's work revolves around supporting both current and potential manufacturers to help them find their growth potential with the Rosetta business.

Lucas has a degree in Economics from Kalamazoo College.

Email Lucas or call him at 1-844-367-9763 ext. 3041


When the suppliers you partner with prioritize service and operate with integrity, you know that you're making a sound investment.

When the companies that you partner with grow, you'll grow.

At Rosetta we've proven through our growth that our mission is to serve our customers.

By growing as Wetcast Hardscape Experts, our mission is to serve the landscape industry by providing products that are better looking, easier to work with, and more durable than their alternatives. These values guide us in making decisions related to that mission.

1. Be original in ways that matter.
2. Serve others with empathy, diligence, and grace.
3. Listen to understand and be responsive.
4. Grow by learning and improving.
5. Empower independence and initiative while maintaining accountability.
6. Communicate clearly and tell the truth.
7. Enjoy what you do.

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