Your business can profit by making wetcast landscaping products

If you can efficiently manufacture non-commodity products, you can outpace industry sales dollars and profit. Even while national precast (NPCA) industry total sales and concrete pavers (ICPA) sales plateaued or slowed, sales of the Rosetta production plant in Michigan grew significantly - despite the lagging economy. By producing high end wetcast concrete products, you'll join the lead in a race to the top, instead of a commodity race to the bottom.

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Expand your product line and your geographic footprint

Landscape dealers and contractors all over the world love Rosetta. When you become an exclusive Rosetta producer, you'll be setting yourself ahead of other concrete manufacturers in your region.

By differentiating your product line with unique manufactured stone products, you'll also be able to increase the geographic scope of your business.

Three steps to making a profit with Rosetta Hardscapes

Investing in wetcast hardscapes

1. Plan your investment

You know you want to get into wetcast hardscapes, but you might not know where to start. We’ll work with you every step of the way to develop your new wetcast block production plan. First, evaluate your resources. What kind of plant space do you have and who could you commit to selling a new product line? Imagine where the new line will go and how to best layout your systems for efficiency. Then start thinking about how many products your company could offer at the outset. 

Research your market potential

2. Research your market

You probably already have a good idea of the size of your market and the markets that you want to expand into. To get a feel for how Rosetta will perform in your territory, we suggest taking photos and brochures to key dealers and asking them what they think. Then sit down with landscape design and build firms and ask them to commit to trying Rosetta on a few of their projects. 

Train your sales team

3. Train your team

Start building an outside sales force that meets with landscape design and build companies and place displays in key dealer yards. Be sure to outfit them with plenty of pictures and sell sheets, all available from Rosetta Hardscapes. And get your production team up to speed, because the more committed your sales team, the busier your plant guys are going to be!

Proven profitable for sustained business growth

Our own Michigan plant has seen sustained profit growth since it launched in 2009. But we’re not the only ones who have profited from manufacturing Rosetta. Over 18 other producers have seen a year over year increase in their return on investment in Rosetta molds and equipment.

“We’ve had proven success over the years – we’ve grown every year, especially in the last two or three.”

Kellen Koehn


Production Manager, Oberfields

“With wetcast there’s not necessarily the race to the bottom on pricing that you see on the dry-cast side of the paver market.”

Pat Sauter


General Manager, King’s Materials

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