Initial Equipment to Meet the Demand for Wetcast Hardscapes 

If you see the potential of adding wetcast hardscapes to your business portfolio and are curious what equipment it will take to get the job done, allow us to provide you the answer!

Whether you think creating patios of people’s dreams or securing more usable space with beautiful retaining walls best fulfills the niche in your market, we’ve got you covered with our two start-up packages.

In the start-up packages you'll find:

  • Quantities of forms and molds
  • Specific pouring and demolding equipment
  • And a detailed outline of ROI on each package

Download the outline of our start-up equipment packages by filling out the form at the right and get started planning your investment.

Initial equipment to meet demand for wetcast hardscapes

What equipment will I need?

Fill out this form to download an outline of the equipment needed to get started making Rosetta Hardscapes and meeting the demand for quality hardscapes in your market.

We’ll be in touch to answer any questions that might come up after you’ve taken a look at the options!