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Diversify your product line, build your customer base, grow your company

Rosetta Hardscapes is an advanced wetcast hardscape manufacturing system, a global brand, and your key to expanding into the profitable and ever-growing wetcast market. Rosetta provides concrete manufacturers with molds, equipment, training, and tons of ongoing support for the most attractive suite of landscaping products that the industry has to offer.

Your business will grow when you take on the Rosetta Hardscapes wetcast manufacturing system and product line.

Grow With Rosetta

Can You Make Rosetta Hardscapes?

Yes! Whether you want to start small and grow or fully automate the process from the get-go, we’ve got the tools you’ll need to create attractive, high-margin, hardscape products.

Making Rosetta

Will Rosetta Sell in Your Market?

By offering Rosetta to your market, you'll be able to take advantage of growing industry trends. Demand for Rosetta products is growing every year around the world!

Selling Rosetta
The Rosetta profit potential

Will You Profit by Making Rosetta?

By embracing Rosetta's service and support, visionary concrete producers like you have seen year over year returns. Want to learn how? Read more here!

Profiting with Rosetta

A Partnership Model Built for Growth

Rosetta partnership

Figuring out ways to grow your business is exciting! But it can also feel overwhelming, especially when you have a lot of options and little time.

By partnering with Rosetta, you're partnering with a team that's ready and willing to help you with every step of the process. Imagine what it would be like to have a whole team of marketing specialists, engineers, and R&D experts whose main purpose is to support you. With Rosetta, that team is yours.

Perks of Partnering with Rosetta

Looking to Make More with Your Concrete?

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“Our business goal is to continue to grow and we strive to make quality products that fulfill the needs of our customers. Rosetta is definitely a key to our continued growth.”

Kellen Koen Production Manager, Oberfields