How profitable can you be with Rosetta?

If this question isn’t near the top of your list, it should be. See how we set you up for success even before you become an official part of the Rosetta family.

We Don’t Do Guesswork

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We’ve distilled the art of producing authentic-looking hardscapes down to a science so your product offerings and manufacturing outputs are tailored to align with your expectations and business needs.

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Our seasoned business consultants will meet with landscape contractors, hardscape dealers, and other industry leaders in your selected territory to determine the Rosetta product mix and supply your market demands.

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Working with you to establish your desired production capacity and capability, we’ll develop recommendations balanced to meet your targeted financial returns while hitting your investment sweet spot.

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Rosetta pre-launch experts will help you develop a practical long-term plan for growth through market and/or equipment expansion.

Start the Conversation

Already have an idea of the Rosetta products you’d like to produce? Don’t know where to start? Answer a few questions about your situation and let’s talk!

Start the Conversation


What is Rosetta Hardscapes' typical return on investment (ROI)?

Each producer's circumstances are different so it's difficult to provide an answer specific to your scenario. But we're confident that if you give us a chance to get to know your business and your goals, we can work up an accurate ROI estimate you can trust.

Who will I sell Rosetta Hardscapes to?

It's completely up to you! Your decision should be based on the business model you wish to pursue and your team’s ability to service your intended markets. Your initial strategy also isn’t a forever decision. It can evolve as your organization’s needs and capabilities change.

The Rosetta manufacturer network is populated with producers who have successfully pursued three different business models:

  • Distributors and Supply Yards. Manufacturers sell exclusively to distributors like hardscaping and landscaping supply yards, where landscape contractors/installers subsequently purchase the products.

  • Direct to Contractors/Installers. Producers sell directly to landscape contractors/installers, which may allow the producer to price their product differently since the distributor is removed from the purchasing process.

  • Both Distributors and Installers. Producers may choose to sell to both distributors and installers.

All three models offer benefits and require different degrees of involvement from your sales team. Our business consultants are always ready to help you determine which model may work best for your Rosetta production operations.