Your Rosetta Hardscapes Evaluation Process

You’re here because there’s something about Rosetta Hardscapes that captured your attention, just like it did for dozens of current manufacturers across the world.

Producing Rosetta Isn't for Everyone, But it Might Be for You

Every prospective producer’s opportunity evaluation process is different, but here are a few cornerstone considerations we suggest you prioritize.

  • Consider where you want to produce and sell Rosetta. Is there a demand for the product? How far from your production facility can you expect to supply? Our team can help you answer this key question.
  • Think about the Rosetta products you’d like to make. Rosetta walls, pavers, slabs, fire features, and accessories are very versatile, but they have regional sweet spots based on trends, topography, and taste. We’ve got plenty of great data to help inform your selections.
  • Determine your target customers. Do you plan to sell to dealer yards? How about installers? Both? The sales process is very different for these segments. We can break it down for you.
  • Assess your concrete supply and facility situation. Are you already producing concrete or will you purchase from a third party? Do you have an existing building in which you’ll produce Rosetta or will you be building or expanding? We’ve seen it all over the last 20+ years and helped folks launch successfully in a variety of circumstances.

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Let's Talk About Your Goals

Answer a few questions about what you want to do with Rosetta so we can provide perspectives tailored to your individual goals and needs.

Share Your Vision

Shared Values: A Foundation for Success

Rosetta Hardscapes is part of the Aster Brands family of companies, a small business that saw its start more than a century ago and remains owned and operated by the same family who founded it. Aster Brands and Rosetta operate according to three simple yet significant guiding values. We like doing business with individuals and companies whose principles overlap ours.

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We "make it better" by leading and being led, and by pursuing sound new ideas.

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When work becomes difficult we trust it's because it's work worth doing - no matter the challenge, we don't give up.

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We generously attend to the needs of our families, coworkers, customers, and communities.

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What Makes a Great Rosetta Manufacturer

Just as you’re performing due diligence and evaluating us, we’re assessing you to determine if we’re a good fit for one another. We’ve discovered our most successful manufacturers share a handful of the same qualities.

✔️ Vision - They see the big picture and how you can succeed within it.

✔️ Grit - They view challenges as opportunities.

✔️ Value Alignment - They prioritize the same way of doing business as we do.

✔️ Imagination - They don’t simply accept the status quo.

✔️ Brand Commitment - They understand and appreciate the power of the Rosetta brand.

See How You Can Make Rosetta Hardscapes

If you’re envisioning how popular these selections could be in your market, we’d like to talk!

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