Licensing Rosetta: Add a New Product Line Supported by a World-Class Team

Licensing Rosetta locks in your opportunity to produce and sell an industry-leading suite of hardscape products. But it’s not just about the product. Licensing gives you direct access to time-tested processes and a team of experts dedicated to helping you start successfully and grow your business at your pace.

How Rosetta Licensing Works

It’s pretty simple. You take a product backed by national brand exposure and a team of industry experts and make it big in your backyard.


Our Role as a Licensor

Engineering Resources

Our extensive technical support resources ensure Rosetta is the simplest and most straightforward hardscape to design with, install, and sell. And our team of seasoned engineers is always just a call or email away.

Marketing Assistance

While positioning yourself in your specific market, you’ll reap the benefits of a carefully cultivated award-winning brand and broad, ongoing advertising campaigns. Our marketing assets are designed to deposit solid sales leads right on your doorstep, helping you sell more and boost your bottom line.

Production Guidance

Rosetta Hardscapes production support understands that true beauty is in the details. Our craftsmen are laser-focused on even the most minor processes and equipment improvements that can make major differences in your production efficiency.

Is Licensing Right for You and Your Business?

Licensing isn’t for everyone. In fact, there are more than a few instances when licensing a product like Rosetta just doesn’t make sense.

When Licensing Rosetta Might Be Right

✔️ You’d like to diversify your revenue stream to insulate your company from economic downturns ✔️ You want to expand into a protected new market or product space without a massive investment ✔️ Your business isn’t equipped to support continual product research and refinement ✔️ You’re looking for a partner just as invested in your success as you are

When Licensing May Not Be Best

🚫You’ll never be comfortable with licensing agreements and reasonable royalty payments 🚫 You’re unwilling to abide by rigorous quality control requirements 🚫 Your business size and scope and your profits are right where you want them to be

If you think our licensing philosophy aligns with your expectations of a strong partner, it might be time to start talking about what you can do with Rosetta.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Share your vision with us so we can work towards preparing a proposal tailored for you and your business.

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