Our People Are Your People

Rosetta Hardscapes’ products and processes are exceptional, but what makes this opportunity particularly special are the dozens of subject matter experts vested in your partner journey and centered on your success.

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At the core of your success is the capacity to manufacture high-quality hardscape materials efficiently and intelligently. Our operations experts have assisted dozens of network partners launch scalable production systems geared toward growth and profitability.


Rosetta’s great looks and simple installation allows it to almost sell itself, but having sales personnel versed in its many features and benefits keeps Rosetta front and center for your dealer network. We’ve got top-level sales consultants who can’t wait to help you educate and train your business development force.


The true power of Rosetta is its vast network of partner producers. Our award-winning marketing team develops and deploys broad Rosetta Hardscapes advertising across multiple platforms to increase brand awareness and drive demand for the products you’ll produce.

Technical Support

Our engineers help you establish lasting relationships with your market’s hardscape dealers, landscape architects, and installers. In fact, it’s not uncommon for one of our technical experts to spend the day on a new installer’s project site to ensure they’re comfortable with both the product and the process (and looking forward to installing more Rosetta!).

What Our Partners Have to Say

“Rosetta's team has helped us solve any issues. Their experience helps you to identify problems and solve them very quickly so you can keep rolling with your production.”

Martha Hill Deep South Precast

“I love working with the people from Rosetta. They're nice, warm, compassionate people, who love what they do, and love to help people get their jobs done.”

Mark Sharff Lee Building Products

“We can call upon Rosetta for a lot of different support with regard to project assistance and training. It really comes down to the backing by Rosetta. I've seen the evolution of Rosetta during our ten years with them and they're constantly looking for ways they can improve the licensee experience.”

Joe Carrigan Basalite Concrete Products

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Can you help me set up my production?

Absolutely, we can! We don't just produce and license top-quality forms and molds. Our operations experts ensure your plant set-up and production practices are as efficient and cost-effective as they can be from the very start.