Wetcast Concrete Molds and Equipment

How do you add wetcast concrete landscaping products to your company's offerings? Leverage the resources that you already have by purchasing a complete Rosetta Hardscapes system of molds and equipment.

Whether you want to start small and keep operations manual or go big with a fully-automated production line, we’ve got all sorts of solutions in between. We'll even show you and your plant staff exactly how to use them and provide ongoing support in marketing, production, engineering, and R&D.

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A Wetcast System - Big or Small - Built for You

Forms & Molds

They’re kind of like giant ice cube trays that you fill with concrete. You may not be able to put them in your drink, but we think you'll find Rosetta products the most refreshing thing you've done in your plant in years.

Made from advanced polyurethane, these molds are designed for high and long lasting performance.

Equipment Options

Rosetta is more than just forms and molds; it's a proven system to get the job done. No matter where you are at with your current production plant, we can meet you there and grow with you.

Our four phases of production start with manual operations and scale to a full-fledged automated plant set up. We partner with the equipment experts at Automacad to provide the best manufacturing lines on the market, specially designed for your Rosetta wetcast production facility.


Your team is going to need to learn how to make and sell something new! We'll be on site with you when you install your new Rosetta equipment so that you can be confident in your product, starting with the first pour. We also provide ongoing training, sales support, and technical advice.

Start Small and Plan for Growth with Rosetta

Start-up Patio Package

If you’re passionate about helping people create great outdoor living spaces, then the Patio Package is for you.

With everything you need to create dream-worthy backyards, including Kodah, Grand Flagstone, Irregular and Dimensional Steps, and everything you need to make money, why wait? Check out the potential of the Patio Package.

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Start-up Outcropping Package

If working with engineers, specifiers and retaining wall contractors is right up your alley, then the Outcropping Package is for you.

The groundbreaking look of Outcropping paired with Rosetta’s step products is the perfect way to provide beautiful hardscapes. Sound like a beautiful way to make money? It is.

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An Automated Solution, Scaled to Your Wetcast Production Plant

When it’s time to grow beyond the starter package or perhaps just get a bit more efficient, we can help. When you talk with us, be sure to ask what type of plant automation is available. We have four options to streamline your production line! We’ll work with you to design production solutions that fit your plant capabilities and help develop your business.


Looking to Make More with Your Concrete?

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