Learn How to Produce Rosetta Products Using the Start-Up Package

The Rosetta Start-Up production process is simple, but you don't have to take our word for it! Watch the videos below to see for yourself. Contact us if you have any questions about the wetcast production process or would like to learn more about the what equipment comes with the start-up packages.

Rosetta infrastructure

1. Setting Up Your Space

Have all of your forms staged on one side and arrange them so you can easily move them

2. Prepping the Forms

Make sure any excess concrete is scraped and vacuumed out of the form. Once it is clean, spray on the release agent, making sure to coat all sides and corners in the mold.

3. Pouring

Make sure all forms are poured with integral color. If you're not using SCC concrete, make sure each form is properly vibrated using a two-stage vibration table to work out any air in the concrete.

4. Demolding and Palletizing

Once the concrete has cured, strip the forms using a forklift and the 360-degree rotator that attaches to the forks and places blocks onto a springboard. Next, slowly place the blocks onto the palletizer. Have one person place the steel bar so the blocks can slide into position.

Note: When palletizing Grand Flagstone, place a layer of styrofoam between each course for product protection.

5. Demolding and Palletizing Steps

To strip and palletize steps, place one step on each side of the palletizer. Use a forklift to slide between the openings and lift both steps at the same time. Place the steps onto a pallet, using stickers between each row for protection.

6. Packaging and Staging

Finish off your pallets by shrink wrapping the product for easy storage and shipping, as well as extra branding. As you “wrap up,” stage the product in your yard ready for sale and stage the forms to repeat the process all over again!

See What Equipment it Takes

If you’re curious what equipment it takes to get started making something fresh in your market, download the guide to the Rosetta Start-up Equipment Packages. Inside you’ll find:

  • Two equipment package options
  • Package pricing
  • Return on investment calculations
Download Equipment Packages
Download Rosetta Opportunity Guide